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BitDefender consistently dominates independent antimalware trials. This guarantees that you are getting the very best antivirus and antimalware protection with Cloud Security for Endpoints.

Bull Durham Technologies

Bull Durham Technologies focuses on providing consumers and organizations the ability to take charge of their data from start to finish. Our core competencies focus on network security and data availability software solutions.

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite

Protect your enterprise against the full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats with speed and accuracy.
GravityZone Elite provides a layered next-gen architecture that delivers prevention, detection, remediation and visibility in a single modular platform.

To effectively protect yourself from highly sophisticated cyber attacks that evade conventional endpoint security tools, you need a layered defense approach with multi-stage signature-less technologies, including advanced machine learning, behavioral analysis, anti-exploit and integrated sandbox.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Easy-to-Use, High-Fidelity EDR is integral to our Comprehensive Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)!
GravityZone Ultra integrates layered next-gen endpoint protection and easy-to-use EDR platform to accurately protect enterprises against even the most elusive cyber threats. It offers prevention, automated detection, investigation and response tools so enterprise customers can protect their digital assets and respond to these threats.

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